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Bucket Mat FAQ

All items ship with simple, easy to use 1-2-3 fitting instructions. If you do not find your answers below, our support team stands ready to help.

Bucket Mat FAQ

We strive to provide the best value to customers. To avoid excessive shipping fees, we fold Bucket Mat into a carton. Bucket Mats have shape memory so if there are any creases or fold lines from transit, they disappear over time.

We strive to provide the best value to customers. To avoid excessive shipping fees, we fold Bucket Mat into a carton. This may cause some to arrive creased from transit. Most creases disappear over time so you don’t need to do anything. They in no way affects functionality are mostly minor so you won’t even notice them once installed in the car.

If crease is an issue, fix it easily.

Bucket Mat is made from automotive thermoplastic elastomer that has both elastic recovery and shape memory when heat is applied.

The simplest way to smooth out creases is to pour boiling water. Watch the video.

Relax , you won’t melt your Bucket Mat. It’s rated to 150℃ but boiling water only reaches 100℃.

For most customers, boiling hot water over the affected area is the easiest. Alternatives include using a hair dryer / heat gun or just placing Bucket Mat on a flat surface facing the hot sun for a day after which, most creases should disappear.

Alternative Method – Hit the spot with a hair dryer. Better yet, use a heat gun for faster and better results.

Warning Heat gun reaches 500℃ far exceeding Bucket Mat’s max temperature of 150℃. Aside from singeing your fingertips, exercise common sense to avoid damaging Bucket Mat.

easy to clean

Remove. Spank me. Done.

Bucket Mats are designed to take punishment from hardcore 4WD adventurers and tradies. Designed with bucket walls, Bucket Mats stop filth from spreading and contain mud from spilling over. That means less cleaning for you!

And when you absolutely positively must clean, easily remove Bucket Mat, give it a spank and done. For mud, these car mats are made from durable automotive thermoplastic elastomer so just wipe/hose off and dry. No stress. No tears. It’s that easy.😊

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Sunshade FAQ

All items ship with simple, easy to use 1-2-3 fitting instructions. If you do not find your answers below, our support team stands ready to help.

Sun Shade FAQ

Every vehicle is different and will likely employ more than one type of lock to secure sunshade. Your fitting instructions will detail the locking system used for each window. Click tabs below for details.


Magnet Lock

Magnet Lock is our preferred choice for sunshades. It’s super easy to stick on and pull off. Our customers absolutely love this and you can even roll down the window without removing sunshade*. Click video button below to explore.

* Do not roll window all the way down. We recommend leaving a quarter of the window up while driving and limit speed to 80 kph.

Hybrid Magnet Lock (MLC)

Some doors are made from aluminum or plastic and are therefore inompatible with magnets. In other cases, door design does not permit sunshades to attach to it’s metal frame. For these, we offer a hybrid solution where we stick metal clips onto the frame for the magnet sunshades to fix to. You will then enjoy the same benefits as Magnet Lock.

When its time to sell your car or remove the metal clips, don’t panic. The special glue we use allows the clips to be removed without damage.

Blade Clip Lock (R4 / R4L / R6 / R6L)

Just like magnets, sunshades are easy to install and remove with Blade Clip Lock. Plastic clips are inserted into the window jamb to hold the sunshade in place. This method is adopted whenever the aperture is framed in plastic with no exposed metal for magnets to attach on to. Commonly used for third row windows (port windows) and rear windows.

Jamb Lock

This is the most magical of all the locking systems. Shove the sunshade onto the window, wedge the corners in and it just stays there. Voila! Perfect fit.

The short answer is YES. Yowie Drive window shades cuts more heat and keeps your car cabin cooler when paired with window tints.

As part of our research, we explored various window tinting films including 3M. What we found is that although window tints are good at cutting light, heat and UV, the cabin still heated up under the hot summer sun even with the most expensive tint films.

When coupled with Yowie Drive Sunshades which only cost a fraction of window tints, we found that the cabin to be significantly cooler and stayed cooler for longer. In fact, our internal tests found sunshades alone to perform better than tinting alone for heat rejection.

On the flip side, we still recommend window tinting as it covers apertures (eg: front windows) that are not shielded by sunshade.

As Yowie Drive Sunshades are premium, we want you to have the best experience. Storing flat preserves its shape for years to come. In fact, when properly stored and cared for, you may find our sunshades outliving your car.

For best results, store flat in the bags provided

Other brands fold sunshade into small bags for storage. Why can’t yours?

We are perfectionist. Despite what anyone tell you, all sunshades warp over time when stored folded. This affects the seal around the window frame so when the window’s down, teeny thirsty mozzies will get in. 😬 As such, we recommend only storing sunshades flat in the bags provided when not in use.

What if I chose to store the sunshades folded?

Like generic sunshades, you can choose to store Yowie Drive Sunshades folded to save space but that will cause it to warp over time and damage the internal magnets. The sunshades may still be functional but we can’t warrant that it will remain flat or that it continues to provide a seal.

So why was my sunshade folded when I received it in the mail?

To save on shipping costs, we fold sunshades into a small package for shipping. The short transit time does not in any way damage or warp the sunshades. However, when you receive your package, please open and store the sunshades flat.

Folded for shipping

Flat for storage

Yes you can! At reasonable speeds up to 80kph but do no wind the window all the way down. Leave a quarter of the window up while driving.

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Seat Cover  FAQ

FAQs are located on Dingo Trails, our sister company. We are still the same team. Different brand.

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