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We are only as strong as team members allow us to be. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, encouraging open discussions, recognising then rewarding employees, and providing strong leadership with clear concise goals. Read our story.

Who we are

What makes us tick …

It’s fun and games but we’re serious too.
What keeps us up at night is to …

“Scour the globe to curate the finest collection of car accessories for protecting your car so you don’t have to. They must primarily be best-in-class fit for purpose yet preserve premium design for outstanding aesthetics.”

The Mission

Established. Proven. 6000+ reviews.
Doing it for yonks.

Our History

Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb

We started operations waaaay back in 1985, almost 40 years ago as a home business in ½ of a garage. Over the years, we’ve built our company over a diverse set of industries such as marine, wetsuits, haberdashery, promotions, seat covers and now car accessories. Our main warehouse is currently located at Scoresby in Melbourne’s south-east.

Dingo Trails car seat covers

After supplying the car industry for many years, we were aghast by what’s out there. So we started Dingo Trails (DT) to manufacture neoprene car seat covers that we’re proud to say are made in Australia. 13 years later and with 6000+ online reviews, we are the premier Aussie made car seat cover company – imitated by many but there is only one.

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So with DT, why start Yowie Drive?

Yowie Drive begins here

We have now set our sights on expanding the range beyond seat covers to car accessories for protecting your vehicle, Yowie Drive X Dingo Trails. We’re still the same team. Different brand. Starting with floor mats and sun shades, watch this space for more.

Btw, what’s ‘Yowie’?
Now that’s an interesting story …

What’s with the name, Yowie?

We were camping in the Grampians one long weekend when in the middle of the night, our 2 young children rushed into our tent completely petrified having heard someone breathing just outside their tent. Upon investigation, it turned out to be wild goats.

The next evening by the warm glow of campfire, we thought to scare the kids with Halloween-style ghost stories. I warned that the Yowie is known to roam these here ranges looking for children, its favourite meal. To our surprise, they didn’t know what a Yowie is – a mythical monster akin to Bigfoot or Sasquash. (Do kids nowadays not know this???) So hence the name to keep a piece of good ol’ Aussie folklore alive.

Now that you know … keep Yowie alive!

Proudly local.

Thank you for supporting us

Our little parcel to you with love

You’ve just gotten to know us better. We’re also fun, funny, a little goofy but most of all, we’re all mates. So when you receive your parcel, know that it has been curated, tested and packed by our team with care and love.

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