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Yowie Drive   X   Dingo Trails

Same team. Different brand.

We are the same team that brought you Dingo Trails, absolutely the best premium Australian made neoprene seat covers you can buy. Rated highly by over 6000+ customers, you can shop with confidence. Join thousands of our satisfied customers and receive love it or money back guarantee.

Meet Our Team
Our Superpower

We test everything. Every single item.

Every listing isn’t just photos of our actual car accessory fitted to Australian model vehicles. They represent hundreds of hours testing and fitting by our designers until we are absolutely satisfied that they meet our standards for design, durability and usability. If it doesn’t, we won’t sell it to you. So when you purchase Yowie Drive, know that the product is best-in-class and made for Australia.

We focus on car accessories for protecting your car. Whether you are a tradie, 4X4 off-roader or just want to  keep that showroom feeling, you’ve come to the right place. 

Made for Australia

We're tough

Durable, odourless, resistant to wear /chemicals /oil /grease, waterproof and rated up to 150℃. Made from automotive thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), it might even outlast your car! In other words, Bucket Mat is tough so do your worst. We can take it.

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It's a bucket. It's a mat.

Designed with bucket walls to catch dirt from spreading.

easy to clean

Remove. Spank me. Done.

Bucket Mats are designed to take punishment from hardcore 4WD adventurers and tradies. Designed with bucket walls, Bucket Mats stop filth from spreading and contain mud from spilling over. That means less cleaning for you!

And when you absolutely positively must clean, easily remove Bucket Mat, give it a spank and done. For mud, these car mats are made from durable automotive thermoplastic elastomer so just wipe/hose off and dry. No stress. No tears. It's that easy.😊


Love it or money back

We test Bucket Mat for a perfect fit to ensure that it'll to do the job of keeping your car as clean as possible or your money back*. They are custom molded for each vehicle with bucket walls on all sides to trap overflow. If it doesn't pass our tests, we won't sell it to you.

Bucket Mat vs Original (OEM)

Only Bucket Mat traps muck from escaping with bucket walls.

why choose us

Once you go bucket, you won't go back.

Comparing to original (OEM) car mats, Bucket Mats provide superior coverage extending further into footwells, covering door sills, under seats and designed with bucket walls to safeguard against spillover. It's like your personal flood levee protection against split drinks, sodden boots and whatever your kids drop in the car! Phew. Nice one YD.

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Keep your family safe with Bucket Mat

Rethink what car mats should be

Car mats are not created equal. Premium Bucket Mats are made from durable and chemically resistant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) specifically formulated for automotive car floor mats. Physical properties resemble plastic and rubber but unlike plastic or rubber, it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic which means that Bucket Mat is kind to sensitive passengers. TPE is a versatile material used in a wide range of products such as

Fitness & Personal Care

Commonly used for yoga mats, razors and toothbrush handles. Has excellent grip and is safe for use in next-to-skin applications. Is odourless so you won't taste anything foul when brushing your teeth.

Medical Devices

TPE is resistant to chemicals, hypoallergenic and able to withstand high temperatures during sterilization. Where patient safety is paramount, it's an excellent material for IV tubes, catheters and gloves.

Baby Essentials

Popular choice for toys, feeding utensils, baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers. TPE can be sterilsed and formulated to be chemically safe for use as food containers.

Enviromental Footprint



Bucket Mat can be pulverised, melted and reprocessed into new products.

Dispose responsibly

As it is not biodegradable, proper disposal and recycling of Bucket Mat is crucial.

No waste

Bucket Mats are manufactured with little to no waste. Discards are crushed into pellets, melted and then rolled into sheets that will eventually end up as Bucket Mats again.

Unlikely to cause skin rashes or an allergic reaction.

Kind to sensitive passengers. Does not leach harmful chemicals even when incinerated.

Free from harmful chemicals linked to health issues such as BPA, latex, dioxins.

Recycleable. Manufactured with little to no waste.

and so in conclusion ...

Premium Bucket Mats are made from thermoplastic elastomer that's used for infant and medical products so you can confidently ride in the cabin of your car; a space where you live and breathe everyday knowing that Bucket Mat is safe. It also has grip, flexibility and durability making it a great choice for protecting your car.

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The fine print: Information provided above does not constitute medical advice. We have compiled health and safety information from publicly available information. Individual TPE properties and formulations may vary depending on application. Please conduct your own research to confirm.

Welcome to your cabin oasis

It's hot. Getting real hot! On 30℃ days, you definitely don't want to overwork your car's air conditioner. With Yowiedrive sunshades installed, it's a welcome relief to step into your car away from the oppressive heat and harsh glare of the sun. Yowie Drive sunshades cut UV rays by up to 67% and insulates from heat by up to 26% keeping you cool as a cucumber.

For cargo That's just too precious

Sunshades made for Australia

After a long day out, the kids are tired and get cranky. They need their afternoon sleep. Yowie Drive window shades is your life saver by shielding glare away from their eyes and keeping them cooler in a comfortable cabin for your kids to doze off. You're welcome. 😉

PS: They're also great for camping. Read on.

Shop Now FAQ

Custom made, perfect fit

Shards of light can't peek through gaps in the window to wake your kids from slumber. Lowers cabin temperature for a more comfortable ride.

Keep prying eyes out

Parked at a rest stop, avoid unwanted attention by preventing strangers from looking in especially if you've left the kids or valuables in your car.

Cool breeze in. Pesky bugs out.

As day turns to evening, wind down the windows without removing sunshade to let the cool ocean breeze in while keeping pesky sand flies and blowies away. Great for camping in your car.

Compare to traditional sunshades

Exposed to the elements, Window Socks fade and get dirty fast. Real fast. While driving, they flap about in the wind and just isn't an elegant solution. Did we mention they're ugly?

Generic sunshades are better but only just. One size does not fit all so they leave large gaps in the window for light to peek through which defeats the purpose of window shades. Moreover, suction cups leave stain-like rings on glass.

Introducing Yowie Drive sunshades.

Ride in comfort with these ultimate sunshades that keeps kids calm, cool and collected. Custom made to fit your car window,  there're no gaps for light to dazzle eyes and stops nosey neighbours from checking what's in the back of your car. Attached with magnets*, they install onto your window in seconds. Watch video.

Easy on. Easy off.

No complicated installation. Yowie Drive sunshades are locked in with magnets so stick them onto your window frame when you want and pull them off when you don't.

Keep you cool

Cuts harmful UV by up to 67% and lowers temperature by up to 26% to keep passengers comfortable. Stops glare from dazzling eyes.

Perfect fit

Made specifically for your car leaving no gaps for sunlight to pierce through.

Preserve car interior

Helps prevent plastic trim cracking /warping and upholstery fading from prolonged exposure to the sun.


Best-In-Class | No compromises

We stand by our quality. Every single sunshade has been tested by our technical team to ensure that they not just fit perfectly but are also easy to install. We are so confident that you'll love our sunshades that we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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This section for sunshades is under construction. Register your interest by clicking below. When ready, we'll notify you.

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Excuse us while we get ready ...

Keep your family safe with Yowie Drive Sunshades

More than just sunshade

Lower risk of skin cancer

Cuts exposure to UV rays by up to 67% that causes skin cancers including melanoma.

Free from heavy metals

Independently certified to be free from toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

Free from harmful substances

As tested and certified by OEKO Tex.

Fireproof up to 250℃

Coasted with fireproof resin to withstand heat up to 254℃ celsius. Brittle test -50℃.

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“Scour the globe to curate the finest collection of car accessories for protecting your car so you don’t have to.”

– The Mission